Fish are family too! At Aspen Park Vet Hospital, we are proud to offer a number of services for our finned friends. Jena Questen, DVM CertAqV, also known as Dr. Koi, has been caring for the pet fish in Denver and around the country since 2005. As a trusted aquatic veterinarian in Conifer, CO, she is available to care for your pet. Our fish veterinarian performs a variety of operations for every patient. Schedule an appointment today to receive the top standard of care.

DrQ.: Your Trusted Fish Veterinarian

At the first fish hospital in Colorado, we are proud to have an experienced doctor on staff. DrQ is a member of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA), and she has served two terms on the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Aquatics Committee. DrQ also consults for companies that supply the aquatics industry. WAVMA recently awarded her the CertAqV designation for proficiency in aquatic animal health.

When DrQ isn’t helping clients with many varieties of finned friends, she routinely lectures nationally on fish health, travels internationally for aquatic vet medicine events, and has been featured on the news and in national magazines. She routinely diagnoses, treats, and performs surgery on more fish than any other veterinarian in Colorado and surrounding areas. In fact, she was the first aquatic veterinarian in the country to vaccinate koi show fish.

Located just outside of Denver, our veterinary hospital provides a series of services for your fish. Our aquatic vet is available for the following:

• Educational Classes (Your Location or Ours)
• Expert Advice on Fish Health Care
• Ambulatory House & Pond Calls
• Aquatic Veterinary Services
• Injections and Fecal and Blood Tests
• Surgery
• Hospitalization
• Quarantine Services
• Transportation
• Necropsy and Advanced Diagnostic Tests

Rescue Services from Our Aquatic Vet

There is an irreplaceable bond between humans and their pets. Our aquatic vet and veterinary team understand this bond, and we work hard to ensure that every animal receives the top care possible. We also assist with placing koi fish in new homes when their owners are no longer able to care for them. If you have fish in need of a new home, please subscribe to our email list and contact us. We will use our extensive network of contacts in the aquatic industry to help find those fish a new forever home.

If you have space for fish in your pond, or are a school, corporation, or another facility with a pond and can house fish, please get in touch with us. We have a steady supply of koi fish needing homes each year.

Contact us in Conifer, Colorado, to learn about the options available from our aquatic veterinarian. Our fish veterinarian offers treatment options for patients throughout Central Colorado, including areas from Aurora to Bailey.